Islamizing the taleem ….. – 44 (Audience: Some suggestions and my justifications)

28 Nov

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

Assalamu Alaikum,

Hope you all had a rejoicing eid. And why should it not be so when you had worked hard during Ramazan to lift your taqwa to a higher level. May Allah make us develop into a person of His liking.

As per some feed backs from the audience I have been asked the following:

AA) To make my e-mails even shorter.  The advice was to make it of around 150 – 300 words/mail.

BB) To share my plan with my audience of where I am taking this discussions to.

CC) To try for a wider audience for these discussions through blog or/ and other media means; as most of the home schoolers may not be interested in discussions outside home schooling, another advice was to continue as it is as those who have interest in this topic will read it any way.

DD) To use more of sunnah and ahadith.

EE) To write more on Iqbal’s educational thought.

With regards to (AA) I find it extremely difficult to explain any concept so concisely. And I fear if I break one concept into small parts the audience will not be able to connect up the whole logic. Will appreciate suggestions from the audience.

For (BB) I have been discussing this sometimes but to put it in a gist, it is all about why and how the education can be redefined. We started with the process of education, or how education effects children, or human beings. Presently I will like to explain briefly the technical aspect of how perception effects our cognitive mechanism, or say mindset, using different theories, and then we will discuss how we can develop correct perceptions; the vital goal of human education.

For (CC) I started when I felt that the home schoolers were up to making the same mistakes as the schools were. The reason being the great misconception about how the education takes place, and to make audience aware of the diametrically opposing foundations or assumptions of the concept and process of education that we have fallen trap to; totally misaligned with the Islamic concept of education. As Br. Ammar strongly feels, as I do too, that the education requires redefining.  I can very well see our ladders on the wrong wall, and as such any efforts will, but land us on the wrong place.

For (DD) I will appreciate some input from my so quite audience as well. Remember this is for all of us and any contribution will be accounted in contributors good deeds. The fact is that the foundation of my knowledge is a lot on sunnah of the Prophet as well. I have been an ardent reader of Bukhari Sharif, Lu’ lu-al Marjan and some books on hadith for a long time but to quote ahadith requires a good memory. As any misquoting will lead me to trouble. On this platform when I am writing I am not doing any review and just  reproducing what is in my mind. Insha’Allah when I finally compile these writings I will get into collections of ahadith as well, but will appreciate help from the audience.

For (EE) Insha’Allah I will talk of a lot about Iqbal at appropriate places.

Br. Abid.


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