Islamizing the taleem ….. – 75 (Perception: The dimensions we live in and how they are formed)

9 Jan

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

Assalamu Alaikum,

For the time being I will like to discuss a little more deep into the effect of perception and will leave on you to think and reflect on what I am saying:

The actual work of perception I feel is to develop your dimension of thinking and your logic pedestal. Islam has its own dimension of logic and the secular west has its own. The development of dimension depends mainly upon the philosophical, psychological, sociological foundations. In this respect the secular west possesses nearly diametrically opposite beliefs. In Islam the creator is supreme and proactive. That is: He is Almighty, all-knowing, all-seeing and all-involved in all the activities of His creation. Secularism does not believe in the involvement of Creator. It takes the Creator as a passive being. As per our belief each human has an active soul, which the secular west is totally quiet on and oblivious of.  Islam want to make the human Khalifatu Allah fil ard (vicegerent of God); that is His vicegerent, and that this khalifa (vicegerent) has to exert her/himself to establish Allah’s kingdom on earth and earn her/his Jannah (paradise) in doing so. The success in the next everlasting life is dependent upon our such conduct here in this life. Whereas all endeavors of west is to succeed in this life without any concept of the next, and that too at its own man conceived terms.

Now if you just reflect and ponder a little on the above well known facts you will realize that the life has totally different meaning in Islam as compared to the secular west. Automatically the perception will be as per the actual influence of either of these beliefs. If we are influenced by the Islamic beliefs, which I see is quite acutely lacking, we will develop an Islamic dimension of thinking and working which will be very different than the secular dimension. As I mentioned earlier these dimensions are developed by our perceptions, and perception is quite automatically developed by our learning and experiences. The present dilemma is we are being overwhelmingly bombarded by western knowledge and experiences and as such live in western dimension and can logically make little sense of Islamic approach to life. We are shown few short cuts to please God. Many of us are satisfied with these short cuts and seldom reflect on how can these short cuts satisfy an all intelligent Creator???

It is quite difficult to visualize Islam if we stubbornly situate ourselves in western secular dimension, intentionally or un intentionally. Here I will like to quote one of my famous teachers Dr. Yedullah Kazmi: “Those who celebrate the fact that we are living in an age in which knowledge is growing exponentially need to pause and think what is this knowledge for and to what end is this knowledge being used”. Another of his thoughtful advice was not to look into Qur’an situating yourself out of it, rather to situate yourself in Qur’an and look outside. This is living in Qur’anic dimension. Is it happening in any way??? We are in a state of utter confusion. Please correct me.

Br. Abid,


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