15 May

(Feed back from a sister)

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Salaam we met at Ali Mujahid sahabs place. It was a very simple meeting and talk but the idea it held was so surprisingly easy yet powerful that we all were moved, mind boggled!!!

Started with Ali Mujahid Sahab telling the world n everybody is all about definitions. If you define something wrong in your life you’ll end up misguided. He told how we all live in 2 dimensions if we stick to one and take decisions according to it we will be successful… It’s either the Dunya dimension or the Akhirat dimension… Take decisions keeping one in perspective will make you achieve it eg success… According to dunya it’s a great career n luxury but according to akhirat it’s Surah e a’sr…Eman good deeds call towards haq n then sabr…

Education according to him is defined as a process which helps us to take better decisions. So it’s either education for dunya or for akhirat… It cannot be that we take education for dunya and end up successful in akhirat because Taleem and tarbiyat exist together unlike the popular concept that teachers give taleem while parents give tarbiyat. Charlie Chaplin was exiled from America when he opposed the concept of modern education in his films which even he understood is going to make human only a part of a factory…. And nothing more than that.

Now the amazing part… How our children have to be given taleem o tarbiyat. It’s this simple all that’s required is Quran…. Eg chapter (para) 30th … We read with our children a surah and in it we find about stars… Start telling children what stars are ? how Allah has made them ? show them in the sky.. You’re teaching your children the subject of astronomy πŸ™‚ biology, behavioral sciences, geology… ( interestingly only in 30th para all subjects are found)any topic that comes just tell the children till what would interest them about it in primitive stage. The result will be the child will know that everything that exists around us exists in Quran, standing in Quran they will be seeing the worldΒ  also this practice shall tell them later that this is the Only book i need to consult. The perspective of the child shall be of Quran , beautifully said by Ali Sahab… ”Quran is taken as a subject while actually it is a Curriculum”…..

Wailuli humazatil lumaza… A child who is being educated with this has indeed left all his peers behind who happen to even graduate from world top universities…

So it’s this easy that any parent can do it yet with amazing affect on children. Ali Sahab is currently giving no more than 25 min session like this to a bunch of children he makes them hear sheikh al Yusri recitation that they repeat after n then a brief exercise as mentioned above Mash’Allah he says a very lethargic child as complained by parents demanded to increase the ayahs they were reading and a small 7 year old girl got startled when he said hal ataka hadithu musa? Ayesha Allah is asking you something… Did you hear about Musa? For sure she’ll remember this forever that Allah is talking to her through the verses.

Only Listening n repeating after sheikh Yusri has made children better qura’a than imam of their local masjid in 3 weeks time Masha’Allah and the interest they are developing in Quran is commendable! May Allah reward Ali Sahab for sharing this. Also he has 2 models for children above 10 which I would request on public demand he shares himself.

JazakAllah khairan kaseera Abid Sahab n Ali Sahab for this session our biggest problem has been solved… we are very very grateful.

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