A nation designs its education system around its own objectives. These objectives are based on the nations philosophy of life. Secular philosophy of life is nearly diametrically opposite to that of Islam’s. As such it is not possible that an education system designed on secular assumptions of life can be of benefit to Muslims. As a matter of fact it will be highly injurious  to the Islamic civilization. The contemporary secular education system is fit to prepare human resource to run western secular systems, and not Islam’s. This statement raises many questions which we will endeavor to answer in this blog.

Islamizing Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children is a string of emails between myself (M. Abid Ali) and the homeschoolers’ group. The theme was to develop some realization of the problems of contemporary education, the Islamic or natural approach to education and some understanding of how education actually takes place.

Edunatural yahoogroup was developed in December 2013, from among the members of homeschooling group. The project is to redefine and redesign education from Islamic perspective. The mail being posted on the blog are recent ongoing discussions.

Dr. Muhammad Abid Ali can be contacted at: captainmabidali@yahoo.com


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