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Affects of reading on young children – Abstract

10 Oct


When we follow a western education system, we naturally have to make our children read books developed by the west for their educational pursuits. Western writings naturally depict western culture, western belief system, and western logic pedestal. No writing can be free from writer’s belief overtones and undertones, which we inadvertently expose our young children to when we make them read books written by western writers. Reflecting on the theory of cause and effect it is but imperative that our young children are affected negatively, looking from Islamic perspective. Many Islamic scholars of high repute like Ibn Khuldun, Iqbal, Maulana Maudoodi, Allama Leopald Asad, Naquib al Attas, Syed Qutb, and many more have warned us of this dilemma. This research article is a logical and rationalized representation of how reading effects on the mind of young children.