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Islamizing the education (taleem ….. – 92 (Redesigning education system for ummah – the apathy of Muslims)

27 Feb

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Education [Taleem and Tarbiyah] of our children)

(from a brother)
I think we, as Muslims, don’t develop our own education system because of a number of reasons:

1/ While the leaders of this nation have realized that the education system needs a change, the solution they are looking towards is coming from west – and that is because a number of reasons.

A. A total disregard for Islam and Muslims – Islam is either not being perceived as something worthy to be followed in these days or at most it is being seen as a religion which just revolves around a few ibadah  9acts of worship) and some ethical principles. A person, Dr. Moulana Fazl-ur-Rehman Ansari (d. 1975 – may Allah shower his mercy on him – not to be confused with Dr. Fazl-ur-Rehman Malik who died in 1988) whom I highly admire put it in this way during one of his lectures in South Africa in / around 1970:

“The sores on the body of the Muslim community are so many. It seems as if we have lost completely our grip on what Islam stands for. We have coined our own Islam. Certain portions of Islam have been taken, like prayers, fasting, charity and pilgrimage and given a certain organic unity, and this is the Islam we carry.

If Islam is not a way of life and challenge for all evil, then Islam is only a cult with an otherworldly orientation combined with a few ethical principles. We treat and accept Islam as a cult and we do not go beyond these requirements”

B/ Even those who have realized that the west cannot be looked at for a solution, seem to take the solution from there and try to Islamize it by introducing certain parts. They believe education system does not require a complete overhaul but only certain parts need to be changed (deleted or added)

2/ For those who have realized they need a change, do not have the necessary courage (or do not wish to come out of their comfort zones) to work towards it

3/ For those who are willing to change and proceed further, find no support from a dedicated group and therefore after sometime their commitment level fades out and ultimately dies out.

4/ In the end, the only one who take up the challenge are usually very few, in fact just One – Like this ONE MAN we have on our group who is quite active 🙂

Jazak Allah Khair

(my response)
Assalamu Alaikum,

JazakAllah brothers for your response and assessment. As in the past, the others in the group have not attempted to analyze this question of vital importance. Can we develop any muslim nation or regain our past glory without designing an education system from Islamic perspective first? Are we not putting our children through a system designed to achieve western secular objectives? Can that produce the required Islamic identity or personality in us and our children? Are we not living in fool’s paradise? People are putting tremendous efforts in creating Islamic Montessori or Islamic O-Level/A-Level schools. I will like them to define their perceived procedural development of Islamic personality putting children through those systems? Do those system have Islamic foundations philosophically, psychologically, or Sociologically? Are they even child friendly or masses friendly? Is education only for the rich few, we have been told that it is mandatory for every Muslim man and woman? There is some good analysis done by Br. Khalid Baig but falls quite short of guidance for procedural implementation. His proposed solution was attempted by Dr. Ismail Raji al-Faruqi, who established International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) in 1980.

I feel the problem is more foundational rather than superficial. The western education has quite efficiently succeeded in altering our lenses and made us totally indifferent to looking at the roots, the foundations of education. Can secular or non-Islamic roots give Islamic fruits? It is so obvious. So what is happening? Why we are mesmerized by the alien education systems? Are they producing required Muslims who can design or revive system as per Islamic requirements? What about Taqwa (God consciousness). Are they producing required Taqwa (God consciousness) in us or in our children? Are they, by any way, giving us Muslim minds or thought structure? They are not at all giving us Islamic perception, rather are destroying same. I am amazed at our indifference brothers!

Yes brother it is all that you have written plus no realization to what a Muslim should be? We trust in western technics of making money rather than having confidence that our creator has guaranteed our rizq (sustenance). We are over awed by a society which I can visualize will be considered as one the most uncivilized and brutal one in the anals of history. Is it very difficult to visualize? A society which cares for a street puppy but has ease in killing millions of human beings just because they are a barrier in the implementation of these secular nations ulterior designs and motives. Is it not a fact? What type of civilization is it? Or can it be called a civilization?

We have no confidance in ourselves. We have a lot of lip service for our religion but when it comes to practical aspect we rely on west more than ourselves and our religion. Is it not that the actions speak out the actual beliefs. I have reminded in the past that if you keep on putting garbage in, you will keep on getting garbage out. Is it not what is happening at present.

Sisters/brothers I am not being reactive or emotional, I am just speaking what I am looking at and what you all are looking at. We want to change a system without putting much efforts and  without leaving our comfort zones. We all have to face our creator very shortly and account for our beliefs and actions. On that account will lie our jannah (paradise) or hell. This belief makes me go on, as I am responsible for my actions. I have requested the audience to challenge my analysis and methodology. Hardly anyone has done that. Not even my senior educationist friends. I do not see any difficulty in redesigning education from our perspective. We have to see the west from the correct perspective and develop confidence in ourselves. We are enslaved by the color of the skins.

Br. Abid