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Islamizing the education (taleem ….. – 93 (Redesigning education system for ummah – discussions continue)

4 Mar

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Education [Taleem and Tarbiyah] of our children)

(from a sister)
The audience is mostly silent because they don’t want to challenge you, rather they are in agreement to what you say. So we take the doses and nod our heads and try to implement the messages that are coming out of this discussion in our homeschooling journeys. I think this agreement has been sounded more than once by various members on the group. In sha Allah, when you present a working model and specify things to be done or areas of work to be taken up, you’ll find many voices coming up eagerly to take up the assigned tasks. If the purpose of your discussion was to build a team of like-minded workers who will be ready to contribute for the redesigning of education on the lines prescribed by your vision, I’m confident that you have achieved this purpose to some extent. You can run a poll and ask how many will be ready to put in time and effort for this cause.

All this initial discussion was necessary and in sha Allah fruitful to develop a consistent vision in the team. May Allah reward you for this.

Be assured that your audience mostly comprises action-based people who have already taken a bold step of revolting against the accepted norms. You have given them even more insight and solid reasons for their journeys. And you’ll in sha Allah find them supportive when it comes to further action.

So, what’s next?

(my response)
Assalamu Alaikum,

JazakiAllah sister. I needed this assurance, it gives me a lot of encouragement to continue and expect to get partners in this important project. I feel people need to discuss. I am no learned person and learn a lot from the questions that are put forward by some sisters and brothers. Especially by the homeschooling parents who are ardent observes of their children. We can deduce and develop a lot of first hand, and correct information on a child’s learning faculty which I find missing presently.

For the last few days I have been over occupied by a few issues. One was developing a course for presenting Islamic perspective of education, at MBA level. This Insha’Allah I will share with the group a little later. I have yet to complete my deductions on perceptions theories regarding developing an educational model which I will continue shortly Insha’Allah.

Br. Abid