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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 16 (Qur’an aligns our perceptional diapoles)

31 Oct

(The writing that follows is my dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children. I am maintaining the email format for ease of understanding as well as for maintaining originality of this dialogue.)

Assalamu Alaikum,

Talking about Qur’an, I will take this opportunity to say a little more from the educational perspective. After years of contemplation and study of Qur’an I am convinced that Qur’an is the God given tool for designing our required perceptions or thought structure. This vindication I go about with the following conceptual framework:

aa) Human performance/actions here dependent upon the faculty of perception. What perception s/he carries. A person’s perceptional structure/ worldview/thought structure will govern his reactions to the stimuli that he receives from the environment. Stimuli can be in form of messages or incitements that he receives from any external or internal source. Perception will also decide how the person processes all information that s/he receives in his mind. In Urdu we call it amal e idrak.

bb) Considering the vital importance of perception/worldview/thought structure, and substantiating it with the ayahs of Qur’an which put the responsibility of action on each individual, and declares that no one will bear the burden of another person. As no one will be able to blame others for her/his actions. It is but imperative that our Creator make each individual independent enough to bear her/his own burden. A person who has to face his Lord all alone and take responsibility for his beliefs and deeds (what I am saying is not just abstract thinking but a stark fact repeated again and again in Qur’an, and we all have to prepare ourselves for this moment).

cc) The above mentioned serious matter cannot be even little neglected by our Creator. He has to make us independent in taking this responsibility without putting the blame on others. I see this being done through the transmission of Qur’an by Him directly to us all, and guarantying its correctness, preservation and effectiveness till the humanity lasts.

dd) The structure of Qur’an is not like any normal book. It is a direct address to each person and in very easy language. One section covers various topics, reminders, and narrations. Things are repeated from different angles. The style is so lively and in first person from God Himself. As per my observation around 90% is clear and lucid. Easy to understand for those who want to take affect from Qur’an, and are receptive to His message (which I observe is hardly happening at present and people are reciting Qur’an largely for sawab only. Many of us are of opinion that explaining Qur’an is only Ulema’s responsibility; where as our Ulema are not going to take stand for us on the Day of Judgment).

ee) If we go through reasonable amount of Qur’an on daily basis, we will be conversing with our Creator on many topics and issues every time; receiving with understanding different motivational doses, different instructions, different reminders, and different facts. All of which will be nothing but the truth. How will this message from our creator not affecting us; it for certain will be, without doubts. Its effect will be like that of a strong magnet which when passed upon a piece of steel induces its magnetic properties. The more this strong magnet is passed the more the dipoles in the steel align and the stronger magnet the steel too becomes. The more we pass Qur’an on us the more our perception will align with the principles that Qur’an represents, the better Muslims we will be. The condition for a good Muslim is to align our thought structure (perception) with the principles and teachings of Qur’an.

Br. Abid.