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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 21 (Main goal of education explained)

6 Nov

(The writing that follows is my dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children. I am maintaining the email format for ease of understanding as well as for maintaining originality of this dialogue.)

Is our success in a’akhira our actual top most priority and main goal of education? Was the concluding question of my last discourse. Some of my audience may not conceive what is my perception about the ‘success in A’akhira as the most important aspect of our education’. Some may see it from the narrower perspective. Please let me develop some sort of conceptual framework on this concept:

It is only Allah subhana wa ta’ala who has the authority to decide the success and failure in a’akhira.

He also bestowed upon us the responsibility of the prophets to strive for the implementation of His deen, his world order in this world. Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, was the last of the prophets and now his work has to be carried forward by his ummah, that is us.

Our responsibility not only lies in implementing Allah’s Allah’s world order on our selves, rather its implementation on the whole humanity. Some world order has to be established, either his or of some one elses. Because human-beings live in some discipline or order. Creator’s has to be most secure order and suitable for the created.

Implementing His deen on us requires our substantial realization of his Ayahs and His attributes. Qur’an very frequently persuades us to ponder into his creation, both at macro as well as micro level to develop awe of His creativity and power. Natural sciences come under the concept of Allah’s ayahs, as do the metaphysical or supernatural sciences.

He made us His vicegerents or khalifa on earth; to establish His rule in all aspects of life and governance, and to conduct the affairs of this world as per His commands. This definitely requires us to acquire power, for without power we cannot establish his kingdom on this earth.

This power can only be acquired if we prove ourselves worthy of running and controlling the affairs of this world responsibly, and when we lead the world in the field of physical as well as spiritual sciences. Leading in physical sciences is meant that we should be leaders in research and development in the field of arms, weapons, protection of environment, industries which provide necessity of life, etc, etc. Leading in spiritual sciences is meant that we should ourselves be strictly principle and value oriented and should have the art to present same to other nations, as well as implement same in all aspect of human life and governance. Other nations should see us as saviors, and not as demolishers/destructors of life and systems.

And for all the above we require a human resource training and development system. Don’t we?

This system has to encompass all aspects of life and its administration. All the sciences, be it maths, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, management, politics, journalism, home-economics, you name it. As such our education will include everything that helps us to play the role of Khalifa, Right? And not sitting in the corner lost in the remembrance of the Creator, because that will not help us in conducting our affairs as Khalifa.

So we have to participate in the activity of this world very proactively to implement our khalifahood and to maintain it. This we can see in the role model of few generations which came after the Prophet (PBUH). Just imagine how influential they were; where ever they had gone the common people welcomed them and adopted their ways completely, in all aspects of life, and even adopted their culture and language. Just amazing! In which aspect do we reflect them?

Sister umm Sofya all that helps in behaving like, and achieving the position of Khalifa is useful knowledge and this concept can be easily deduced from Qur’an; and all that goes against this objective is harmful knowledge, this too can be easily deduced from Qur’an. We have simply to absorb ourselves into Qur’an and Sunnah to achieve that perceptional level. I find Qur’an the most elaborative thing. Does this answer your question? We can go into details a little later Insha’Allah, there we can be more elaborative. And that will be an exercise where we all will have to participate. Sister Please provide me with some feedback.


Br. Abid.