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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 26 (producing missionaries from the contemporary education)

11 Nov

(The writing that follows is my dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children. I am maintaining the email format for ease of understanding as well as for maintaining originality of this dialogue.)

(from a sister)
A question regarding one of your points: “My first task is to make my audience realize the process of education or what education really is, and in this attempt I am also exposing the weaknesses of the present education system which many of us are very impressed with, and take it to be THE EDUCATION SYSTEM. ”

Some/ many believe that they know a number of persons who have gone thru this educational system, and have turned out to be good Muslims, and are serving the Deen in substantial ways. e.g. if you see the bios of well-known Muslim daaees and scholars today, you will see that some/ many may have attended regular schools or universities (apart from learning the Deen)

So how do we look at this logically?

(My response)
Assalamu Alaikum sister Erum Asif,
JazakiAllah for your e-mails, and alhamdolillah that you are giving me good feedback as to how my audience is understanding this discussion. May Allah make us all participative in this beneficial discussions. Sister you too must have gone through the same education system. Now just recollect and see how many of your class mates have taken deen seriously, or what was the ratio of students who have taken Islam seriously in their lives. I really hope it were 80% and above and not just a fraction. I am sure if we had an effective Islamic education system, both at home and at our elementary schools we could have easily achieved that. As I have mentioned earlier a vast majority of sahabas and Muslims who followed in the earlier centuries were role models of Islam which resulted in mass reversion to Islam where ever they had gone. The education or tarbiyah system generally was very close to the Qur’anic system.

Let us look from another perspective: just try counting how many daees (missionaries) are there in ummah today whom you feel are role models of good Muslims. I am sure it will not go beyond 1000 or say 10,000.  Now calculate the ratio taking the present population of ummah, which is I believe around 1.2 billion. They are not even enough for tending to the Muslims alone, how will they tend to the world population of more than 4 billions.

Allah has made human beings so extremely creative that some who use their creativeness can look out of the box and bring paradigm shift in themselves. It is not only among Muslims that you see such people, you can find them among the worst enemies of Islam who realize the truth and revert to Islam, and serve Islam in a way which put us born Muslims  to shame. Alhamdolillah, summa Alhamdolillah, He knows his creation the best.

What I’m trying to put through is, that if we are worried about the renaissance of ummah or re-establishment of Allah’s deen (system of life), the first step is to reform, rather redesign and establish an effective education system, which is not in place presently.  We are generally following a system developed by west according to their perception of life here in this world, to achieve their perceived objectives, which are definitely not Islamic and certainly only world directed, not a’akhira (next life) directed. The people who are trained by such system will generally be very far away from Islam and many will be in very confused and conflicting states, as we see them today.  This is because there is clash between our deen (way of life) and what this education system prepares for.
Br. Abid.