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Islamizing the taleem and tarbiyah of our children – 3 (Few Preambles)

18 Oct

Assalamu Alaikum,

No questions??? This was the first question my philosophy professor Dr. Yedullah Kazmi, would always ask prior to commencing his lecture. Surprisingly none of us around 20 Muslim students could put him a challenging question on his revolutionary philosophical theories. Some of us simply denied his theories because that contradicted our popular beliefs. Some of the students were from Islamic University Madina and some from al-Azhar. We could hardly generate an intellectual question for him. Masha’Allah he was very lucid in his arguments. Insha’Allah someday I will share his writings with you.

So in the last discussion I put tawheed as the foundation of our education system. The stronger this concept is developed the closer the students will be to the correct Islamic perspectives.

Here I will like to put forward few clarifications:

a. By education I do not mean the school education only. The main education is the duty of parents and then the close relatives. My focus on education is on the primary level only.

b. Nearly all the Islamic, as well as the western educationists conclude that the main traits of personality develop up to a very young age of 4 to six. At around six years of age a child starts taking interest in the outer world. We should keep the Hadith in mind which asks us to encourage children to offer at the age of seven.

c. Educational process is technically very intricate, and has to be understood correctly to realize the defects in the present education system and approach. I can see poison been poured into our children’s minds. We have to go at very basics to realize this.

One of the main dilemmas for us is the non-awareness of how the education affects us; especially the young children. Our basis of educational assumptions is western research work which is primarily from secular perspectives. I will rather claim it to be anti-God perspectives, keeping the western history of development in view. They could only progress by their long struggle against their religious clergy. Their beliefs were strictly in conflict with scientific discoveries. As such they landed themselves into denial of God Himself. I see their perceptual framework solidly grounded on non-interference of God in human affairs.

Some food for thought:

  • A self proclaimed atheist will rationalize things through his mind or her/his perception
  • A person with concept of God as a passive entity will see from her/his dimension
  • A firm believer in a pro-active God will see things from her/his own.

Hope whatever I have written is easy to understand by all. Please do let me know if it requires further clarifications. Will appreciate your participation in this discourse.

Br. Abid.