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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 30 (Timeout – my ship)

15 Nov

(The writing that follows is my dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children. I am maintaining the email format for ease of understanding as well as for maintaining originality of this dialogue.)

Assalamu Alaikum,

Sorry that I am not being regular in my emails these days. The life on ship is such that by evening I get quite tired. Any imagination how big this ship is. When I was a junior officer I was always dreaming of sailing on big ships. Some time working on deck I will see a big ship passing and would feel the awe. I endeavored for this opportunity and Alhamdulillah that Allah tabarak ua ta’ala provided me with the opportunity to sail on big ships for the last eighteen years. In Surah Ar Rahman the ships are described as mountains.

وَلَهُ الْجَوَارِ الْمُنْشَآتُ فِي الْبَحْرِ كَالأعْلامِ

And His are the Ships sailing smoothly through the seas, lofty as mountains:
The length of these ships is putting three football fields together lengthwise. A little wider than a football field. When fully loaded it is about six stories below water and another six stories above. This is an oil tanker and can carry 320,000 Tons of oil or around 350,000,000 Liters. When loaded its total weight is around 360,000 Tons, and it is all made of strong steel. Can you imagine such massive steel body floating and moving on water, subhan’Allah, Alhamdulillah. Is it not awesome? Yet even a small child can steer this ship. It has a steering like a car’s only. Allah has made it subservient to us. Only that to maneuver this requires some skill and experience. Imagine if I have to stop this ship I will start the procedures from one edge of Karachi and then I will be able to stop by the other. It takes around 30 Kilometers of maneuvering to stop the vessel by the normal procedures. These ships are known as ULCCs, Ultra Large Crude Carrier. These are ayat Allah. I remember when I was a third officer on a much smaller ship I met a Japanese captain. He narrated that when he was as a young officer on ships he will see his captain entering ships bridge (navigation control room) with hands on head, saluting God. The young officers, who were mostly atheist, including himself, used to laugh at this, and thought their captain was being superstitious and idiot. But the first time he himself became captain and he was entering his ship’s bridge, automatically his hands went to his head saluting God. For any captain believes that it is only God who runs the ship.

Was it the boring side of my discussions. It was just for developing awe of our creator. And for many it must have been a paradigm shifting information. Wasn’t it?

I shall Insha’Allah be continuing with my response to Br. Jawad’s queries.

Br. Abid.