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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 36 (The why behind this dialogue)

21 Nov

Assalamu Alaikum,

This dialogue was initiated by me in shape of email correspondence on a home schoolers’ group around two years back. At that time I was busy with my doctoral research/thesis. I could feel the anxiety of the parents who were not sending their children to school and were looking for some guidance for educating their children at home. What I could see was that they were trying to bring the school to their homes and maintaining contemporary schooling practices.  

The books they were giving their children to read were mostly west published or west oriented. I realized the parents were unaware of how the education takes place. Though the group members had rebelled against the contemporary schooling but in fact they were using same material and curriculum to educate their home schooled children.

Many of you may still be perplexed as to what is wrong with contemporary education system. By Allah’s grace taking a keen interest in education for the last twenty years and then availing an opportunity to do doctoral research and thesis on same; and the serenity that sea life offers to reflect into life itself has facilitated me to contemplate and probe deep into the roots of the contemporary education system. Now I can realize the flaws at the roots of this system quite transparently. This system has been designed and meant for secular west. For us who claim to be Muslim it simply can not and does not fit. We are simply trying to grow mangoes on an orange tree. It is roots which governs the fruits. If the roots are secular how can we grow God fearing people on this tree.

Another major flaw in this system is that it is totally unfriendly with a child’s natural faculties of learning. You see a highly learning motivated child (which every toddler is at home) entering the school system and soon losing this motivation. The school is a very artificial environment and misfit for learning growth which is natural. Many scholars in the west are loudly speaking about this.

The initiative of the dialogue that I took around two years back left me with more than two hundred pages of correspondence; which I am sharing with you all with the title  Islamizing Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children. As it is in form of correspondence it has been developed in sequence and as such I have numbered my messages under this title. As advised by one of my intellectual friends I have also given sub-titles to each message for the interest of my audience.

Allhamdulillah I can clearly see the faults of this system and I can clearly see what has to be done to revert back to the learning grounds. The first step is to develop the realization of the weaknesses of this system and bring my audience out of the awe of the western education system. Insha’Allah the next step will be to clarify how the learning actually takes place. I hope you will bear with me in this process.

I will highly appreciate your participation in this dialogue.