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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 38 (Summing up the past discussions)

22 Nov

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

Assalamu Alaikum,
Met Br. Imam Jawad last night in a reception and was glad to learn that my last e-mail, which was in reply to his doubts about the concept of perception, made total sense to him, alhamdolillah. I have quoted this because we respect Imam Jawad’s wisdom and it is relieving for me that I could make some sense to him. Right Br. Jawwad?

Before I proceed any further I will like to sum-up our discussion as there has been some time lapse and then some among the new members request me for same:

AA) Every human developed system has some assumptions on the basis of which it is designed and developed.

BB) Education being one of the basic developmental system has to be developed upon the assumptions and convictions which a nation or a larger group of people carry. It is simply surprising that how we adopt and adapt to an education system developed by west with their assumptions of this life which is quite contrary to ours. And very few among us question this.

CC) Affirmation of Tawheed and development of Taqwa are two main objectives of education if it is to be designed for the success of individuals in the next everlasting life, for which we are being tested here in this short life; each one of us.

DD) To materialize the above objectives we have to realize our correct position in this phase of life, and this universe. We have to be aware of our echelon or our status before our creator. Are we at any challenging position before him? His is whole gigantic universe and all the systems which sustain it. We own nothing accept the responsibility of our conduct. And then we have to realize whether we are perfect in our knowledge, or for that matter how much knowledge do we really have as compared to His?

EE) He has created the human beings extremely creative and given them the position of Khalifa on earth. A very responsible position indeed. Are we being prepared to take up this responsibility.

FF) When we talk of all that I have written above what faculty of the human being we are dealing with. Is it not the human perception? How we perceive everything? How we are made to perceive our responsibilities in this life and our freedom.

GG) As such developing correct perception is one of the main goals of education. And this can be only done if we design our education system as per our objectives and endeavors of life. When we talk of education system it is not only the school education system, it is the larger life education system and school education system is just a supportive part of same.

HH) Perception is how we look at the life and what is more important and less important in life for us? How we view this life and its activities? Other words used for perception are worldview, paradigm, thought structure, amal e idrak, nazaria, zehan sazi etc.

JJ) Few features of perception: Human personality is dependent on her/his perception, It is unique for each person as per her/his learning and experiences, it governs human conduct and action (Alparslan Acikgenc, Stephen Covey etc), it keeps on modifying with learning (knowledge) and experiences (Turkish scholar Alparslan Acikgenc, March and Simons). Its development and modification is more active at young age and slows down as a person grows older and thought structure tends to become more rigid. It is through this structure that a person makes sense of this world, this life and all happenings around her/him.

My succeeding discussions will be focused on the technicalities of Perception and how we can develop it healthily from our perspective.

Br. Abid