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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 42 (More on perceptional process)

26 Nov

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

Assalamu Alaikum,

May Allah make us avail the best out of the last ashara of Ramadan. I have received some feed backs regarding my last email and will inshaAllah not venture further into a new theory on perception till after eid. Some feel it was somewhat difficult to understand. Let me try to put my last write-up into a simpler language.

We have already discussed that human perception, or thought structure, or world view, paradigm, or amal e Idrak, or zehan or nazaria plays a very important part in a human personality, and also our decisions and actions are dependent on how we look at the world, and our life here. Supposing I take this life just for enjoyment, as many human beings do, so the actions will automatically reflect this perception. We will be careless and least bothered about our a’akhira. If someone keeps a secular perception, that is no involvement of creator or human soul, our actions here will reflect same belief. So we can say that human understanding of this life makes a big difference in her/his actions, or probably the biggest difference in the living of this life here.

Now if this faculty of perception is so important, than definitely that has to be developed correctly, or to be developed as our creator wants that to be developed. Because creator knows us the best and then the result of our next everlasting life in entirely in His hands. The develo0pment of correct perception should be one of the most important tasks in education. That is what I have been attempting to impress upon in my previous e-mails.

The next important question is how is this perception developed, or can be correctly developed? So in my last e-mail I attempted to discuss this faculty as put forward by Muslim intellectuals from Quran. They present human existence as comprising five elements. Ruh at one end and Jism developed from earthly matter at the other end. Human is neither all Ruh nor all Jism (matter), we can say a human is the result of interaction between this Ruh (all spiritual) and the Jism (all carnal). The resultant human is the Nafs. A being who has the effects of both the Ruh and the Jism. He has his body needs as well as spiritual needs. There are two more faculties which let the Ruh and Jism to communicate to with this nafs. So we can place Qalb ( the faculty which is intelligence and can reflect and think independently), and many ayats of the Quran and Hadith place it in heart. The other faculty between the Jism and the Nafs is Aql. The logic unit or the logic processor, like the computer processor. Most probably it has no reflective power it is just a communication device between the jism and the Nafs.

An interesting thing to note. When is a man declared dead? That is when finally her/his heart stops. A person may be brain dead but the world only declares the person dead when finally his heart stops. Where do you feel happiness, contentment or sadness or shock. Is it not the chest or heart? You feel raha (happiness/contment) in your heart, you feel sadness in your heart. Is it not so? I believe? you have these feeling in your heart and not your brain. Brain just processes the signals and creates balance or imbalance in your body (or jism) accordingly.

I will appreciate if some among the audience give their input or experiences.

Br. Abid.