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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 45 (The effect of secular education on perception)

29 Nov

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

Assalamu Alaikum,

I apologize for this intermittent breaks. This time it was a shipping related course the whole last week, a very expensive one and then in the very initial introductory briefing to this course we were informed that it will have an assessment every day and at the time of completion. So naturally we all went into the nerve breaking ‘passing the test’ mode, quite indifferent to the actual learning. The course could not be redesigned on our recommendations as it was designed by British authorities. Quite typical of the British way of education, isn’t it? Alhamdulillah the good news is I passed. 🙂

My last email comprised some suggestion from the audience and my response to those suggestions. In this email I will continue in my understanding of a few theories that I feel have to be understood to understand ‘how education takes place’, so that we can see what is going wrong and what has to be done?

Just a very important reminder. Every system has to be based on certain assumptions or beliefs. No system can be free from this aspect. Western education system is based on the secular assumptions or belief that God is not actively involved in the everyday life of a man; human beings do not have a soul; the accountability of a’akhira has no importance at all, we have just to be accountable in this world, and to the other human beings alone. When we look at the western educational systems we can very well appreciate these themes. And since the western education systems are very intricately designed and keep the youth fully involved and engrossed in their educational activities, the system quite naturally and grossly effect the students, the recipients of education. Their intended programming of the students is very effective, and as such the students thought structure or perception is accordingly developed. A very critical situation that we are facing. We and our children are being developed in secular thoughts. On the other hand we try to pump in Islamic concepts, which I can see as being of much lesser effectiveness as compared to contemporary hectic education – the result being the western thought’s or perception’s dominance, or confusion in us and our children. Does anyone contest these statements?

Br. Abid.