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Islamizing the taleem and tarbiyah of our children – 5 (Tawheed’s implication in education)

20 Oct

(A discourse)

Assalamu Alaikum, Why is the concept of Tawheed of prime importance for education from Islamic perspective? Before I proceed any further I will like to give another example: I am sure all of you firmly believe that death is no disfavor for a Muslim. It is rather a relief from the earthly testing sojourn. Right we all believe in it religiously?!! Then why we feel sorry for the departed? We will normally sympathize: ‘bichara Abid, accha aadmi tha.’ Why does this happen in spite of our beliefs and convictions that death is nothing bad for a Muslim? Any opinions?!! We believe something but behave differently. Has it something to do with education? The clearer and firmer we are in Tawheed, the more congruent we will be to the correct basic concepts of Islam, and vice versa (it will be opposite if we have wrong concept of Tawheed). Now why a deep rooted conviction in Tawheed is so important for each one of us? I am sure all of you must be having very correct answers. We should always have end in our minds. As it goes ‘begin with end in mind’. What is more important for us: big successes in this world from worldly perspective, or the success on the day of judgment??? This should very clearly reflect on our prioritizations and action list. Our personalities should be the reflection of same. The law of causation should automatically take effect and we should start seeing the good effects. Are our graphs going up? Is the situation changing from bad to good, or worse to less worse? I do not see this happening even with most of the religious families. We still see ourselves totally engulfed in the awe of the western approach to life? If our belief in Tawheed is not bringing any change in our approach to life we have really to worry. For our Aakhira may be at stake. We will see a little more deep into it in my next discussion. We will try to explore the reasons. Truly, Br. Abid