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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 58 (Some worries and quarries from the readers)

16 Dec

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

(from a brother)
Walekum As Salaam Abid Sahab

Whilst no denying that your emails are very useful, but I feel (I may be wrong) they have now reached a point where they sound a bit repetitious. Perhaps you want to emphasize the importance of it – following the sunnah of Rasul Allah (Saw), who as a practice, used to repeat important matters thrice. But I think those who have been reading your emails on this topic agree (or to put it more truthfully, you have made all of them agree) to your point of view that perception plays an important role in education. Now that we have identified what our problem is – shouldn’t we move ahead? Or do you still view that the problem needs to be further explored? or emphasized? or you think that it is not repetitious?

(my response)
Assalamu Alaikum Br.,

I can realize the many home-schoolers are anxious about education of their kids and are looking for a quick fix, or I say an elixir to dispense to their children. I am equally anxious, but what I am trying presently is to make my audience realize the processes involved in education. What education does to their children, how is education affected? Unless we realize this first, it is useless to talk about any change. I feel this is no easy task as I said earlier we are living quite completely in the western dimension/paradigm, and west’s objective and process of education is nearly diametrically opposite to Islamic approach to education. Should I ask you how many of us realize this?  Lip service does not solve problems, and fire fighting is what is going on in the name of Islamic schools and Islamic education I feel.

Brother one of the reasons why I repeat things is because I hardly get any feedback from my audience. But each time I try to put it from a different perspective. You may feel odd of a constructor when she/he starts putting bricks in some abnormal way, but actually it is the complete building that he has in his mind and her/his each move will be for achieving his final objective.

My final objective is to make my audience realize how  the education happens? I see education as a very natural process, and Allah subhana wa ta’ala has given me some realization as to where we have deviated from this process. He (SWT) has also given me the obstinacy to carry forward with this project, as I can see it as the first step towards the renaissance of ummah—the very first step. For me it is an opportunity to save my skin from fire. I also realize that I will be sternly questioned on what I have done for the realizations that I was bestowed with by Allah subhana wa ta’ala.

I will advise you to be patient and ask me a lot of questions relating to what I am writing. Questions outside that will make me take more time, wont it? These theories on perception are very important to understand this process. You say that perception is important for education. Brother believe me it is of vital importance. Education results in a persons mind structure, which if not developed correctly will result in confused people like us???

Br. Abid.

(from same brother)
Jazak Allah Abid Sahab for your reply.

As you said – we need to understand the problem first before looking for a solution and we have to be patient. I do not disagree with you. But in this period while we are understanding why the fire started, the fire is actually spreading – so at the moment if we don’t fight off this fire then until we get to a solution – every thing will be burnt.
The enemy is outside our homes, infact he is already inside our home. While we can discuss why the enemy got in the house and then try to find a solution to stop him for ever getting near our homes and society at large – but the reality is he is standing right next to us and will kill us if we don’t stand up and fight. Like Iqbal says – Ye Nadan gir gaye sajday mein jab waqt-e-Qiyam aaya.

This reminds me of an event narrated in history books (may not be completely true). At the time of siege of Constantinople by Sultan Muhammad Fateh – the priests in the church (Hagia Sofia) were involved in some strange discussions – like – Is God capable enough to make an Elephant or Camel pass through the hole of the Needle !!!!!! Very Strange….. 🙂

Not to say that we are discussing such far fetched matters 🙂 but still in the intermediary time, what is your suggestion for putting out the fire – should we go for water or CO2 or foam or dry chemical? Even blankets can be helpful.

(my response)
Assalamu Alaikum Br. ,

The whole education system has to be revamped and redesigned as per our requirement. When I read your email I feel you are misunderstanding me in what I am trying to convey. Have you read Iqbal’s asrar o ramooz? Iqbal first point out the weaknesses, their causes and then the recommendations. It was exactly 100 yrs back.

There is no shortcut br. One has to realize the educational processes before we can make any efforts to change the present education system. I do not blame the west for our conditions, it is we who are responsible as we blindly rely on west in nearly all aspects of life.

Br. Abid