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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 61 (Perception development: GIGO)

19 Dec

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

(from a revert sister)

Walaikum assalam,

4) Each learning experience brings some modification in the worldview, as such it keeps on modifying to little or more extent. The worldview can be modified intentionally by intentional learning. So planning education in a manner to bring positive modification is very much possible.
As I read this, I found myself wondering, if a positively meant learning experience can bring a positive change only? What if the child is defiant and resists well-meant efforts of the presented positive learning experience, not to mention the cases, where the child goes intentionally against that positive learning experience? It does seem that this statement 4) is not just so simple.


(my response)
Assalamu Alaikum sister,

JazakiAllah for your enquiry, which I feel is the experience of many of us parents.

The statement ‘So planning education in a manner to bring positive modification is very much possible’, indicates that if the education is planned to bring positive changes from our perspective or from Islamic perspective it will most surely carry out positive modification, and vice versa (Negative intervention will leave its negative effects). The concept of GIGO ([If you put] garbage in, [you only get] garbage out)  is a good example to explain this. The results may not show immediately, but certainly it will be registered.

Now the important issue is what will decide the positivity and negativity of an intervention. It will depend upon the understandings and standards of the education designing authority/person/parents. For many beliefs that we carry may be just our assumptions, or our own faulty perceptions. Certain things are very clear like that of the issue of shame and pure worldliness of the western secular approach. All their literature and educational interventions and methodologies have been developed according to their these assumptions and beliefs naturally. If we pass ourselves and our children through these we will most certainly get affected and will develop our worldview or perception as per those assumptions or beliefs. There is no escape. Remember the Holy prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, showed his disapproval of Hazrat (RA) Umar’s reading the Jewish or Christian scripture? (I am not sure about the validity of this Hadith, but it may be to show that if we read corrupted scripture it may lead us to confusions), and this we see later in many of Muslim ulama (Islamic scholars) quoting strange stories from older scriptures.

As you say the process may not be very simple, but the fact is when Hazrat Umar was asked to define Taqwa he replied, it is as if you are passing through a place with thorny bushes and you hold your clothes with your hands avoiding them to be entangled in thorns. Surprisingly we intentionally let ourselves and our children get entangled into western thoughts and ways, which are quite deviant from Islam, through their designed educational interventions (procedures and methodologies).

We have also to be very careful that whatever we design pass following criteria:
1) The real goals and objectives of education should be very clear in our minds.
2) It should strictly comply with Quranic and prophetic injunctions.
3) It should be in harmony with the children’s learning style and abilities. (Actual child learning psychology)

Very interesting discussions can be developed on the above three.

Br. Abid.