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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 69 (Contemporary Education: Can we achieve our goals -the vector effect theory 7)

29 Dec

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

Assalamu Alaikum, 

We continue with our discussions on Vector Effects Theory. So far we have concluded that every effect has to have a cause. We can only move towards our objective destination if we develop proper causes or training intervention to achieve that objective, when we talk of education. The effect will depend upon the cause or intervention and will lead to the direction which cause is designed for. So if we pass our children through western secular education system and expect them to develop Islamic perception, I believe it is quite impossible, no matter how much we dream of that—we have to come out of this false dream, the earlier the better for our children. 

In figure-1 we discussed that unless the educational objectives are very clear we cannot reach the target objective. We may move somewhat in that general direction, however will fail to achieve real objective. So the vividness  or the clarity of our educational objective is of vital importance. We should sit down and reflect if we have these objectives clearly set in our minds. 

The second step will be to analyze whether the educational system, or the methodology, or the tools that we are using to educate our children are totally relevant to our educational objectives. The issue right now is that they are quite completely opposite to what we aspire for. So now if we look into the figure 2 we will realize that the western secular education has diametrically opposite objectives of education as compared to the educational objectives as per Islam. As per the vector result theory the children will move towards the objectives of western secular education system. Now if we try to divert them towards the Islamic objectives of education we may make them move for a while towards our desired objective, as indicated by small arrows, but since the prevalent education system has far stronger interventions than our temporary haphazard efforts, our children will again start moving towards the western secular objectives. This is depicted by the Orange path. 

For those who have no problem with western educational objectives and no aspiration to train their children as the Islamic dictates, they will simply follow the blue path and reach exactly at the western secular objective target. Then there are people like us who will put our children under western secular education system and at the same time make a lot of efforts not to let them move towards the westerns educations default objective target, we pull them towards our conceived Islamic educational objective and the education system will keep on pulling towards the western education system’s default or automatic objectives and in the process they neither reach here not there. We leave them in a big intellectual vacuum. This is depicted by the green zigzag path in fig 2.

The green line in fig 1 and red line in fig 2 are paths one may take in totally ideal situation and is not possible for human beings as we are a complicated beings. 

Any comments?