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Islamizing the taleem and tarbiyah of our children – 7

22 Oct

(The writing that follows is my dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children. I am maintaining the email format for ease of understanding as well as for maintaining originality of this dialogue.)

Assalamu Alaikum,

In my last mail I had rigorously presented few aspects that I feel we may be deliberately neglecting in respect of our children’s education; and that the systems of world follow the law of cause and effect. The input effects the output. Anyone recall GIGO in computer science, i.e. the quality of output depends upon the quality of input. GIGO stands for garbage in, garbage out.

Another important aspect that we have discussed earlier is the concept of tawheed as the foundational principle of education. Our complete thought structure has to be based on the Qur’anic concept of Tawheed and nothing less. For Tawheed is the filter through which all the actions or inputs have to pass. This is the very basic difference between Islam and any other religion. Tawheed is the recognition of God AS HE IS.

Let us take some situations:

If we think of God as a passive entity, we will never develop the concept that our each moment is being very closely watched by Him. This will lead to our being careless in many aspects and we will create dichotomy between Deen and Dunya. Mind that in Islam Dunya is not at all out of the scope of Deen. We have to live in this Dunya as our Creator wants us to live here; because in that lies our success or failure in the next life, the Aakhira. In other words the Dunya is well within Deen. This is not the case with other religions of the world, and many of us Muslims have fallen prey to the wrong concept differentiating between these too. Please remember the antonym for Dunya is Aakhira, and not Deen. So in fact our each moment has to be lived as our Creator wants us to. We should have the correct structure of mind for developing this Furqan, the discerning ability between right and wrong.

Remember the example of the concept of Rab, our reaction upon meeting a needy person in deeply distressing condition. We can easily be misled in not realizing that that person’s actual caretaker and sustainer is God Himself, and it is only we who are being observed for our reaction. Under such situations we can very easily be misled to believe that such a person is not being actively looked after by her/his Creator. Will it not be a big folly?

Another very common and very important example is when we start believing that we have to achieve anything good by hook or by crook. Very common these days. Many an Islamic groups believe that we can cooperate with smaller evil (Shetan) to get rid of bigger evil (Shetan). Right / wrong? How do we forget that God has all the powers and doesn’t require us to take any wrong approach to get a virtue done, and that too of evil. We see many innocent people are being murdered under this pretext by many a religious armed groups. Probably it is one of the biggest misconception or fitna of the present times in the ummah. Right / Wrong?

The aspect that requires deep pondering by us is what is making us fall into these traps? What governs our thinking and actions? That is the major issue of education. Please think over it and if possible comment.

Br. Abid.