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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 71 (Towards developing an educational model for Ummah)

3 Jan

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

Assalamu Alaikum,

Bored yet? Yes I believe most of you. The issue is, till we are clear on what happens in the process of education and how it happens, it is completely pointless to discuss on how not to let wrong education happen. It will be like giving fatwa (religious indictment), which we are so much used to.

If you have been following me, and you realize what happens in education and how it happens, you will Insha’Allah very well fix the problems easily and be able to design or choose affective education for your children. Quick fixes seldom solve any problem permanently. Any disagreements???

Insha’Allah today onwards we start discussing towards solutions. When we start synthesizing the theories (i.e. combining the concepts in theories) that we have discussed so far we will be able to construct some educational models as well. Let us see if it is a model, or models. It will largely depend upon your participation. If you leave all on me, as you have done in the past, probably it will be just a model. But if you give good inputs we will probably able to develop some models. Let us see how it goes and how enthusiastically you all participate.

By model I mean a system which can be used to educate our children. I feel it is not the system but may be a number of approaches to educate our children effectively from Islamic perspective, and from natural perspective.

How we proceed:

1) We see what perception theories have to offer from educational perspective by combining all the theories discussed earlier. We also use the vector theory to logically understand what happens when we take any approach.

2) When the educational process and the effect of results is understood we move on to vigorously discuss on what causes right education and what causes wrong education.

3) When we are clear on wrong and right education we discuss the different approaches or different methodologies in education.

4) Then Insha’Allah we finally develop an affective educational approach for our children.

So simple, isn’t it? Believe me Insha’Allah it will be simple provided you take interest. Is it that most of us like to remain in the western secular box and feel nervous even to look out of it? The things do not have to be complicated to look impressive. That is not the Islamic approach. May Allah help us in finding correct solutions.

Again I leave the job of synthesizing the perception theories for my next e-mail, to control the message size.

Br. Abid.