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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 72 (Towards developing an educational model for Ummah-2)

4 Jan

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

Assalamu Alaikum,

Having made some conceptual deductions in my last email and with the request for larger participation by the home schooling group members I will like to put forward some gist of what we have been discussing in the past. This is important to develop any foundations for our proposed education system:

1)    Natural learning is the best way of learning. By natural learning I DO NOT mean non-interventional or non-formal learning. rather the Learning/teaching procedures should be ‘natural learning’ friendly. This may mean two things: to teach only relevant or required things, and secondly to teach when the child is interested to learn and not otherwise. I will ask the parents to reflect realistically on what is happening presently? There is a long history why artificial ways have been adopted by the west, and sadly now we follow them blindly.

2)    We all have to be very clear about the foundations of education. In the past we have discussed on the differences in Philosophical, psychological and sociological foundations between Islam and the secular west. We could see them nearly diametrically opposite. These foundations govern the nature and matter of education and this is where we have made probably the biggest mistake, without realizing where the contemporary education system is taking us and the children to. We stand now in a dimension created by the western secular thought and have adopted their logic pedestal. This was quite a natural result. As perception will be developed by our learning experiences. Also please refer to the vector effect diagrams. What has that resulted in, I will like respected group members to ponder and reflect upon? (Vector diagram is attached. First diagram shows if the educational goals are just confused and the second indicates if the goals are diametrically opposite as is the present scenario with the contemporary education system).

3)    Once the goals are very clear the methodology, procedures and educational resources/matter will follow quite naturally. But if the educational goals are not very clear, we will keep on falling on traps and for sure losing our way. Has this not happened presently? We are not being able to connect the educational goals with our life goals. The procedures and methodology suggested by the contemporary education is both ideologically as well as methodologically out. The whole educational concept is badly distorted and most of us are totally unaware of how this education system is effecting us and our children. Can someone from the audience further speak on this?

The above exercise is an attempt to lay correct roots to the tree of education. The roots govern the fruit. The roots will only take the food and nutrients which is required for the intended fruit and nothing else. Once the foundations are very clear we can lay the correct roots to grow the required fruit. One thing I observe is that nature has a lot of guidance for us in this respect, so we should not worry ourselves of how will it happen. Insha’Allah we will discuss on this.

Br. Abid