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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 73 (Towards developing an educational model …. – Synthesis of Perceptual and vector effect theories)

6 Jan

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

Assalamu Alaikum,

Continuing on the subject few points of reminder:

1) We cannot neglect a proper development of perception, as failure to do so is our failure in education of our children.

2) If the Qalb is sick or stained so will be the listening and seeing faculties. The Haq will not be heard and the ayahs will not be seen by the eyes of that person, this indicates that perception is developed in or by the Qalbthis implies that developing correct perception is of vital importance.

3) The development of correct thinking and deciding power of our Qalb is in a person’s hands. The same way parents and persons responsible for the Tarbiyah of children are responsible for the correct grooming of perception. (Please refer to Prophet’s hadith [may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him] quoted earlier).

4) Perception development is an automatic and natural process, It follows the principle or law of self-growth and the ‘law of cause and effect’. It grows or changes automatically depending upon the learning and environmental effects.

5) If the educational goals are opposite to the individual’s or national goals the movement will be away from the individual’s or national goals.

6) In other words if the education system’s goals are other than individual’s goals and the education system has been very effectively designed for achieving the educational objectives the greater possibility is that the person will in fact move towards the educational goals and not the person’s desired goals.

7) If we know how the perception is developed and how we can correctly develop perception or a child’s personality, we can device methods of educating our children.

8) Many among us have put our children under an educational system which is very sophisticatedly and effectively designed to achieve its western secular objectives. These objectives are diametrically and nearly completely opposite to the Islamic objectives. What perception do we expect this system to develop in our children?

9) Environment and learning experiences are what significantly effect ones perception, or worldview, or paradigm, or amal e Idrak etc etc, (whatever you prefer to call it). This means that if we put a child through correct or healthy learning from our Islamic perspective and make her/him live in like environment we can help her/him in developing correct perception.

10) We can further deduce that creating a correct perception is very much in our own hands. This is what is clarified by the hadith that a child is born on fitrah and it are the parents who take him to other ways.

11) The actual work of perception, I feel, is to develop your dimension of thinking. Islam has its own dimension of logic and the secular west has its own. The development of dimension depends upon the philosophical, psychological, sociological foundations of the process of education. Foundations are the roots and it is the roots which decide the fruit, that cannot be avoided. If the roots are wrong from Islamic perspective the fruits will definitely be wrong.

12) If you just ponder a little on the above well known facts you will realize that the life has totally different meaning in Islam as compared to the secular west. Automatically the perception will be as per the actual influence of either of these belief systems.

13) The present dilemma is we are being overwhelmingly bombarded by western knowledge and experiences and as such live in western dimension and consequently can logically make little sense of Islamic approach to life.

14) It is quite difficult to visualize Islam if we stubbornly situate ourselves in western secular dimension, intentionally or un intentionally.