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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 74 (Towards developing an educational model …. – Synthesis of Perceptual and vector effect theories-2)

7 Jan

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

Assalamu Alaikum,

There are certain things which stand out very clear from the theories on perception:

1)     Human perception plays a major role in her/his personality

2)     This faculty is continuously developing or altering. It is automatic. You cannot shut this faculty down. As such we have to be careful in what we are putting ourselves or our children through.

3)     There is an intentional developmental factor in our perception, which Acigenc calls Transparent worldview; a worldview which is developed by intentional learning. If we put ourselves or someone through harmful information or knowledge, that will certainly create that much of wrong perception in us or our children. So we have to be very selective in what we put ourselves or our children through. This point is of extreme importance. This is what the Vector effect theory also indicates. If the learning intervention is diametrically opposite to our sought for goals the movement of our perception development will be diametrically opposite. There is hardly any other possibility.

4)     The perception is quite vigorously and effective developed by the culture and environment we put our children through, which Acikgenc calls natural worldview. This calls for our vigilance in providing ourselves and our children with healthy environment and cultural exposure. Probably this is the reason why the Hijrah is so much endorsed in Islam. Also we should note that our playing healthy role modeling to our children is of utter importance.

5)     Very important point to consider is that as every person has different learning experiences and environment interactions it is but natural that every person will have variation in her/his perception. No two persons can have identical perceptions. Perceptions are somewhat like fingerprints in this respect. But there are some dominant themes in our perceptional outlook. This is because of the religion, culture and beliefs. Persons born in a Muslim family will have some common perception influencing factors giving certain identical overtones to a group of people.

6)     Every human is pre-programmed by the Creator to an extent by which a small child has very established basic value system, a very strong ego and self-respect, has many common ways to express her/himself and may be many other aspects which I will expect my audience to add to. This pre-programing plays a very important role in the development or defining of an education system for young children.

Br. Abid