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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 76 (Perception development’s implication in education)

11 Jan

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

My last email on synthesis or analysis of perception related theory ended with the following deduction:

‘In other words if the education system’s goals are other than individual’s goals and the education system has been very effectively designed for achieving the educational objectives/goals the greater possibility is that the person will in fact move towards the educational goals and not the person’s desired goals’.

This is an extremely important issue, rather dilemma, that we face today. Many among us have put our children under an educational system which is very sophisticatedly and effectively designed to achieve its western secular objectives. These objectives are diametrically and nearly completely opposite to the Islamic objectives. What perception do we expect this system to develop in our children.

If we refers to the vector effect theory based on the Creator’s ‘law of cause and effect’ which denotes that ‘one shall only reap what one sows’; we are at big loss putting our children through this secular education system. I will request audience with other arguments to please express their logic. Being logical is one thing and being wishful is another. They say its like living in fool’s paradise.

Now as we can see from March and Simon’s perceptual model as well as Acikgenc’s theory on worldview we can see that it is the environment and learning experiences that vastly effects ones perception, or worldview, or paradigm, or amal e Idrak etc etc, (whatever you prefer to call it). This means that if we put a child through correct or healthy learning from our Islamic perspective and make her/him live in like environment we can help her/him in developing correct perception  Right? We can further deduce that creating a correct perception is very much in our own hands. This is what is clarified by the hadith that a child is born on fitrah and it are the parents who take him to other ways.

Here I will like you all to focus on the importance of the development of correct perception, and that this perception can be developed correctly through education. This has to be well understood, otherwise we will keep on sleeping and making the mistake of putting our children through wrong education and being wishful that our small interventions in developing values will at the end prevail and dominate and our children will grow into good Muslims.

Some of you might be imagining how we can develop educational theories out of some perceptional theories. Remember the major role of education is to develop a person and not just providing a person with information. And a person is what his perception is about this world and life over here, (some call it worldview). This is what we have been mostly discussing in the past.

Also please be reminded that when we talk of education we are not talking of school education, we are talking of the phenomenon of education. Where a child is groomed to achieve a nations/groups intended life objectives. Practical schooling is a part of this mechanism. Also please be reminded that the basic personality traits or pillars of a child are developed by a very early age.  Many say by the age of four and some take it to the age of six to eight. So this early period is quite crucial for correct perception or personality development. If we know how the perception is developed and how we can correctly develop perception or a child’s personality, we can device methods of educating our children. Do you agree with me???

Insha’Allah we will get a clearer picture soon.  But I request you all to participate in this venture without any hesitation. The more ideas we have the more alternatives we can develop.  Your contribution can be a great sadqa e jariah for yourselves and beneficial for ummah’s children.  Please do not think this is an intellectual exercise beyond your capacity. Not at all, who can be more intellectual in this respect than the parents themselves in this venture. Even the least academically qualified. Academic qualification is no criteria where the education of a child is concerned. Iqbal says:

 Motherhood is a mercy, being linked
by close affinity to prophethood,
and her compassion is the prophet’s own.
For mothers shape the way that men shall go;
(Rumuz I Bikhudi)

Br. Abid,