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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 77 (Home Schooling – some queries)

13 Jan

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

(from a sister)

Assalam o alikum wa rehmatullah,
I am in a fix and need your help!

I am home-schooling my 5 year old daughter she is a very quick learner Masha’Allah but has her days; at times she does her work so quickly that I am really amazed but at times she simply refuses to do her work whether it is a workbook, read something or any other craft or activity, even coloring which she LOVES! She keeps on fiddling with her things. I don’t want to push her with anything and I keep on telling her the importance of education through stories and real life examples but sometimes I just don’t know. And then I have feeling may be I made a mistake pulling her out of the school.

I understand teaching your child at home requires a lot of patience. It is hard work yet very rewarding. Most of the time she enjoys being home-schooled and I am also enjoying it Alhamdulillah and learning along with her. I am certain most of you will say Salah is compulsory when the child is 7 years old and by then insha’Allah things will start settling in. But I want to take one year at a time, meaning may be home-schooling is working out this year for me and next year I am unable to manage it. May be I am not there till next year; none of us knows when our time is up! So I want her to be ready to go to school. My nephew is in grade 1 and poor child has tests every other week plus homework etc. I don’t want her to feel lost.
We will be going for a 2 month vacation to Pakistan to meet family etc. early next year insha’Allah and I know she will be missing a lot then, since I am always unable to make a routine there and most people don’t take home-schooling seriously.

Hoping to get suggestions.
Ma assalam

(my response)
Assalamu Allaikum wa Rehmatullah sister,

You need not panic about your daughter. No doubt she is more intelligent than yourself or any of the grown-ups. Our intelligence is dampened by the schooling and other environmental influences. Let her free to learn, experiment and deduce results. That’s what children do. They are perfect researchers. 

Regarding the academics she will pick up very fast. Let her be on her own, you and your family being facilitators. Whenever she is ready you can make her memorize some surah’s (verses of Qur’an) and duas (supplications). But duas (supplications) in ones own language are the best and most effective.  

For your vacations you enjoy and let her enjoy as well. She will learn a lot in the new environment. Even Allah subhana wa ta’ala encourages us to seek travelling to open up our minds. 

Br. Abid.