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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 80 (Educating small children – some discussions in the home schooling group)

25 Jan

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

(A sister writes)
Waalikum assalam sister,

Un-schooling worked best for my daughter. May Allah reward sister Sabheen I have realized it is still the best approach and my daughter, she loves it.

When she started sitting I gave her (Education) board books she looked at the pictures, chewed them etc.

I read all kinds of books to her; Quran stories, stories of Disney princesses, Urdu story books etc. sometimes Yahoo! has some very interesting & funny news, we read that together. I have realized reading to her has helped a lot. I didn’t realize she was / is absorbing so much and now when she has started reading she can figure out many words Masha’Allah.

We do a lot of pretend play she being the hostess, the mommy, the teacher etc.; it is fun and a lot of learning.

Grocery shopping is a great learning experience; when we lived in Lahore we did our groceries from a hyper store. While I was getting things from the other aisle I asked her to pick a certain number of boxes of the milk she drinks or other none breakable things (teaching her quantity counting). My husband showed her how many different kind of fruits and vegetables Allah has made, their colors, textures etc.

She calls herself my ‘little minion’, helping me with the house work, putting pegs on clothes (pencil grip), sorting clothes (learning sizes, colors, quantity counting), ‘please bring me 5 carrots from vegetable box’ (name of vegetable, color & quantity counting again). It is so cool without knowing you and your child learn so much.

May this helps.

(Another sister writes)
assalam wa alaikum sisters,

I said sisters because i am replying to sisters .. I asked my sisters I also did the same technique with my daughter but I don’t feel that i am teaching her
about colors and things and counting i also teach her bring FEW potatoes and bring Many onions. THIS BOTTLE become EMPTY. or bring TWO soaps or
other items and we don’t have to go to stores we can keep them with us in Kitchen.. these all teaches in Montessori ,, i prayed to Allah that he give me
space so I can make a little Kitchen garden or some thing like KIYARII at my home.

It is nice knowing that I am teaching my daughter in this way…and it is not hard to experience she feels a responsible person like us..

and plz friends someone can help me that how can we choice a books of Islamic in EXPO CENTER Karachi…and how can I choice a good books for my 4 and 2 years
daughter and son… especially I need a help from sister Shehnaz and brother Abid. If u help me how should I can select from such a huge collection.. it is
easy for me to go to Expo and buy as compare to any shop.. plz reply soon
assalam u Alaikum

(My response)
Assalamu Alaikum sister,

I recommend for 2 and 4 yrs old you buy books exhibiting nature. Can be natural phenomenon, animals, birds, good looking inventions like ships, planes, calligraphy, plants, etc; any other thing that comes to your mind. Though at around six years of age I recommend you introduce children to our role models. You need not buy expensive books please. Khori Garden or Sunday bazar too is a good place to purchase such books at a very reasonable price.

Just a reminder to the parents. Please do not make children to be the epicenter of you lives. It is Allah subhana wa ta’ala only who deserves that place. Rest is all fitna or test for us all.

Br. Abid