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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 87 (The call of a Faqir)

15 Feb

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

(from a sister)
Walaikum assalam werahmutullah!

I love this string of emails. Very practical, logical and easy to follow.

From my experience with my daughter and teaching in manar ul islam, i realized that kids forget things, just like us. The first time I did lesson planning, it was pretty complex and I guess you could say the gun was fully loaded. However, next time around, the lessons were simpler, more relaxed. I kept in mind that the children might\would forget what I say but they would remember the time we had, and they would remember ME. I was actually building their perception that YES! Islam is positive, not bookish, not scary, and that their teacher was passionate about it. Their teacher respected them and tried to form a relationship with them. I hope they remembered the time we had and much later on, when they would be faced with the choice of studying their deen, they would have good memories of learning Islam.

I used to study at an islamic centre in jeddah. A teacher once discussed an issue during dawah class, that a very young girl in her class wanted to revert to islam. She advised that the girl should not be pushed. Islam should be discussed very gently with her. So that she would have good memories of it. She should come to love it and when she would come of age to choose her religion ( she was maybe 8 or 9 ) she would recall her liking for Islam.

Less words and more love and more amal, isnt that the way of the prophet (s)?

Abid bhai, jazakAllah, for your insight and guidance.  Its much needed and appreciated.


(my response)
Assalamu Alaikum Sister,

Please do not worry about you or children forgetting things. Interesting this is, and as you may have observed in my discussions on perception, the fact is every learning experience brings change in your perception. It can be positive, if you have had an interaction with healthy knowledge or learning experience; it can also be negative if it is otherwise. It is simply impossible that you are not affected by any interacting experience. So please never worry that your children will forget things, it is not possible. The effect will remain. So we should just concentrate on providing our children with healthy experiences or education. The good grooming will automatically occur.

Jazaki’Allah for the words of encouragement. This faqir does sometimes want to know whether his desperate call is being heard by someone or not? If we want to assess what we have landed ourselves in the last more than sixty years or even beyond, see what we have been able to produce so far. This is primarily the result of the education systems that this nation has been embracing. Other Muslim countries are not any different. 58 of them!!! To me the future does not seem any brighter. Why should it be? Have we been able to device a training system for the ummah? This is a very loud question to you all. “Please get up from the slumber. These dreams are just fruitless.” This was Iqbal’s call, and is mine too.

May Allah make things clear for us.

Br. Abid