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Islamizing the taleem ….. – 90 (Redesigning education system for ummah – a dialogue on methodology 2)

21 Feb

(My dialogue through email with a group on the Topic: Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah of our children)

continued from last post ………….

(brother’s response)
I too very frankly feel that you have the vision which is missing in contemporary educationist. I would even say that many of those educationists see you in error instead of themselves. So yes you are right. But then I must also say that even though you have disagreed with my methodology, you have in fact agreed to it, in part at least. If you think for yourself that you are an able leader then its really very good. I am not saying to find another leader outside yourself.

Now that you have originated the idea and are all for it, what I wish would be to get likeminded people to get on board with you – UNDER YOUR LEADERSHIP – AND BOUND BY A CODE OF CONDUCT to work towards achieving the goal. To date, what I have felt, and I may be wrong, is that you are inviting people to wake up – but then that extra step to get all of them on one platform is perhaps needed. Looking at the example of Iqbal -he was such a great scholar and philosopher – known in the depths of east and west. However, just look at what people have done to him. He has just become a person whose poems are sung, whose ideas are praised, whose thoughts are discussed – and that is it! No one takes his thoughts and puts it into action. He has become a person worthy of praise – but his ideas and his thoughts no one wants to adopt. Why? I feel because those people who wish for Iqbal’s thoughts to be put in action are only inviting people to read Iqbal and his thoughts and then put it in action on an individual level. Those inviting ones are not doing any meaningful work at the collective society level. In the end, the results are in front of us.

I am not disagreeing with you. I am even agreeing with you that people need to be invited to the truth and after they accept the invitation they should be guided so that they are convinced of the truth. Further after being convinced, the invitee has to be lead properly. They cannot be just left to follow on their own. The reason being – first of all people do not wish to leave the comfort zone. Those few who agree to leave these comforts, if not lead properly, will again fall in the trap of the anti-truth society around them and revert back to old ways. So the whole convincing efforts go in vain. At an individual level, only the very convinced and very persistent will go to any meaningful lengths which of course, will be very very very few. Allah also says man is very impatient.

I hope you are getting my point.

Jazak Allah Abid Sahab

(my response)
Assalamu Alaikum Brother,

I should say masha‘Allah (by God’s grace) you write well. I am friends with quite a few Islamic educationists. They have never disagreed with me though I have been asking them to challenge my concept of education. But to adopt any new idea practically is probably not in their intellectual capacity. I am amazed at their attitude of indifference. They are quite religious people. Just today I had a very healthy discussion with one of very active educationist. Alhamdulillah he put different questions, rather riddles to solve certain educational issues and was satisfied with my explanations. He is looking for different venues where we can cooperate. He runs an educational research centre.

Br. Abid.