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Edunatural (11)– the Islamic way to educate children (Project approach and methodology – suggestion from a participant).

19 Apr

(The below correspondence has been taken from a group mails, focused on redefining and redesigning education from Islamic/Natural perspective)

(suggestion from a brother)

Dear Abid Sahib,

I have some feedback regarding overall Project Scope & Scale in general and Key Notes 2 & 3 in specific. There are two approaches we can take to work on “education facilitation center”:

1) One is we develop a long-term vision to set a direction. The vision will give is “what” part, the purpose of that vision will give us “why” part and strategy will give us “how” part. Within the strategy to achieve that vision, we define some methodologies and goals, one such goal could be facilitation center.

2) The other is we start from one facilitation center as our goal, expand it to become a network of such centers in different areas. Slowly, this will evolve and take some direction

The difference between both the approaches is the first is driven by a dream, a direction, a future picture in mind (as Peter Senge defines vision), this in turn inspires us to define strategy and set goals. In other words, we start from something not specific, not very concrete, but ultimately reach to something very concrete. In the 2nd approach, we start from concrete goals and then set objectives to achieve that.

Abid Sahib, I apologize for suggesting an alternative because I am in no way close to what your insight and exposure is in this area. I feel approach 1 better than 2 for the following reasons:

a) I have seen in my life, those frameworks, projects, structures are more scalable, robust and long living which start from Generic and General terms and then arrive at specific and tangible goals.

b) The scale and scope of a vision-oriented projects is much large in terms of its influence on people and geographies

c) If pioneers of a project don’t set direction in the very beginning and start taking specific steps, pioneers may die after some time (say 50/100 years later), and the followers may end up going in a direction which was never intended by the pioneers

d) The purpose of any exercise must be clearly understood, articulated and disseminated. It is the linchpin that makes the difference. Purpose provides an anchor to the team members of a project. When I say purpose, I mean purpose of the vision itself.

e) Since vision starts from Generic and leads to methodologies and specific goals, it could be easily transformed into generic framework which could be adopted by organizations, countries and even individuals. However, taking many specific items to arrive at generic framework is very difficult.

f) What I learnt from my teachers and read in books that when our colonizers decided to rid us off our strengths, their brilliant minds sat and looked what are our strengths. They developed a vision. Then abolishment of Khilafat, setting up of modern universities, dividing into smaller states with coerced boundaries , developing curriculum to make sure students get ready to serve their masters (as John Taylor Gatto says) were some of the goals to achieve that vision.

I have not done much brainstorming yet, however, I feel our vision should be generic to reform complete education system. Some of the goals could be Facilitation Centers, Curriculum, Teachers, Sustainability, Scientific Research, Educational Institutions, etc. Having established Vision, Purpose and Goals, we can prioritize our work to start from setting up Facilitation Centers for homeschooled children. But our direction should be to achieve our ultimate vision. One may say that, how can we achieve such a grandeur vision in our lifetime. The answers are two: 1) If we are unable, our grandchildren will be able Insha’Allah, 2) We are not Mukallaf (responsible) to achieve success, we are to do efforts. Allah (swt) will decide the fate of our efforts. In both the cases, we are successful as per Qur’anic Teachings (قُلْ هَلْ تَرَبَّصُونَ بِنَا إِلَّا إِحْدَى الْحُسْنَيَيْنِ).

Sorry for such long and dry post.


(my response)

Assalamu Alaikum brother,

Jazak’Allah for the detailed email which is quite relevant. Most of the members have been reading me for quite some time, some for the last three years and know what I am talking about. Please go through all the Key Notes 1 to 5, which will give you a fair idea of the strategy. I recommend you read my communication with this group which I am uploading in my blog : Please start from the serial number 1 of the Islamizing the Taleem and Tarbiyah …. you will get a better idea of my approach.

Br. Abid.