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Edunatural (13)– the Islamic way to educate children (Critical age for correct education)

23 Apr

(The below correspondence has been taken from a group mails, focused on redefining and redesigning education from Islamic/Natural perspective)

Assalamu Alaikum,

While talking to one of the participants I realized that there was confusion on what level of education I am critical about and whether urgent attention is required for all levels of education?

I strongly feel that it is the primary education which we should really be focusing upon at present. Because that lays the foundation of ones thought structure and personality. Once proper Islamic thought structure is developed, or in other words once the faculty of Taqwa (God consciousness) is strongly developed and well in place, the required dimension has been established. From then onwards the child will visualize all from that dimension and will take decision based on her/his Taqwa. Her/his actions will be Allah directed. S/he will seldom falter or commit big sins (Gunnah e Kabira). S/he will develop a mu’min’s vision.

At higher levels of education, if even if he is not taught from Islamic perspective, he will automatically look at everything from Islamic perspective and see the work of His creator in all that he receives. And because of looking from the right dimension his higher education will carry him further up in Taqwa and Iman.

Br. Abid