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Edunatural (3)– the Islamic way to educate children (suggested steps for education development)

20 Mar

(The below correspondence has been taken from a group mails, focused on redefining and redesigning education from Islamic/Natural perspective)

(from a brother)
AoA Abid Sb,

May Allah (swt) reward you with even more energy to carry out this task.

Abid sb. you mentioned in your email that generally people want to take a step towards this but are not motivated enough or would like to see an alternate system first and then adopt it rather than working towards building it. Allow me to share a similar experience,

Me and my wife were visiting some friends where everyone was talking about random issues at first. Someone asked us about our kids schooling and my wife mentioned we are interested in homeschooling and all of a sudden everyone was interested in this concept. For some it was new while others had a brief idea of what it was.

All of them accepted it was a good alternate but some were not fully convinced about the interaction part they felt it is better to go to a place where children can interact with others for social development. The general feeling was that they were concerned about the negative effects of schooling but then what could they do about it they have no proper alternate.

I felt that while there was a need for change but again what you said lack of motivation to actually stand up and develop an Islamic System.

Even for homeschooling families who are actively involved the problem is due to long work hours we already have a pretty tight schedule, whatever time we have left we try and spend it with our kids this leaves very less room for any other work. I am sure everyone is genuinely concerned and want to take positive steps but when and how?

Another thing missing is the expertise while most of the people here including me are learning from more experienced families and turning to people such as you for guidance we would remain at the receiver’s end until we reach a certain experience level.

I am eagerly waiting for your next email to understand how we can contribute in this effort and how to proceed.


(my suggestion)
Assalamu Alaikum!

Let me suggest steps to reach our objective:

1)   Discussions on setting of clear objectives

2)   Definition of education and other related terms

3)   Explanation of some concepts – if required during this phase some sessions will be held at a convenient venue and transmitted online Insha’Allah.

4)   Nomination of responsibilities and training of persons for establishing facilitation center for children at Karachi and or other cities of Pakistan.

5)   Continuous monitoring and development of facilitation centers.

Some Clarifications:

Though the end objective may be to establish a children’s facilitation center, but prior to that the educational processes and methodologies will be discussed in details which will benefit all home-schoolers, and accordingly they can develop their strategies to educate their children at home. Where we have substantial home schooling families they can develop the proposed facilitation centers to enable their children access to learning resources, conduct healthy activities, and socialize with other children.

This will also act as guideline to establish any learning center for children up to 10 yrs of age; or in common terminology primary schools.

Br. Abid