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Edunatural (4)– the Islamic way to educate children (suggested objectives of the project)

22 Mar

(The below correspondence has been taken from a group mails, focused on redefining and redesigning education from Islamic/Natural perspective)

Assalamu Alaikum,

Today we will discuss the most important topic: setting of objectives of this project. If the objectives are clear and realistic, Insha’Allah our efforts will bear fruits and we will not fall into confusion. On the other hand, if the objectives are not clear we keep on beating about the bush as I observe presently happening.

The Aim or Goal is to design and establish an education facilitation center for home-schooled children.
Keeping the above goal in view, we will endeavor for following objectives:

1) To define education as clearly as possible. Since we have been discussing on this for quite some times on the Homeschoolers’ group and I have posted quite a few of these discussions in my blog I will often be providing links to refer to those posts. We may also be using some relevant links to articles on the subject. Nevertheless, I will request to please be contemplative on definitions that I will be presenting which I will be substantiating with rational arguments, Qur’an and Sunnah. I say this because this is the topic where I find most of the Islamic educationists confused. Once the consensus is reached we move forward to the second objective.

2) Discussions on the natural learning faculties of Children. Unless we appreciate and acknowledge different learning faculties blessed by our Creator to each child, it is useless to design any education system. Our objective is to elaborate natural learning processes to most effectively, and expeditiously communicate and facilitate learning. I am very sure home schooling mothers can contribute a lot in this respect. This is a very important aspect when we talk of any learning facilitation center. This discussion will take some time.

3) Discussions and consensus on the aims and objectives of education or tarbiyah process: I feel Iqbal’s educational model can be of great help in this respect.

4) Discussions on methodologies to use for facilitation of learning: I do not perceive that this discussion will be more than a few emails. As these will have already been discussed when we discuss on the learning faculties of children. Let us see how it goes.

5) Establishment of training for parents and facilitators to run the facilitation center. There are resource institutes which can also be utilized for this objective. During the above steps, we shall have already identified the training needs and requirements.

6) Based on above objectives developing a practical and sustainable model of a learning facilitation center. Assessing the resources required for the establishment of learning facilitation center.

7) Establishment of a model facilitation center, Insha’Allah.

Yours’ opinions are requested for.

Br. Abid