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Edunatural (5)– the Islamic way to educate children (Why redefining education is necessary).

1 Apr

Assalamu Alaikum,

The important question is whether the contemporary education is serving the purpose of Ummah?
Another important question is whether this education is serving the purpose of secular west? Why should it not? It has been intricately designed by the secular west to serve its purpose. For a common man the importance of education lies in future job prospects, for others it’s quality of citizenship (Aristotle), and yet others just want literacy, critical thinking, and/or creativity (Contemporary secular intelligentsia).

The issue is whether the education is in any way related to the purpose of life, the philosophy of life of a people; the life ambitions of a people. If it is not then what is the process which a nation follows to prepare the young generations for achieving those goals? This issue has become complicated due to the terminology of education being widely used today. This concept of education is hardly two hundred years old. Prior to this, in the Muslim world the different terminology used were Taleem, Tarbiyah, Tadeeb, Tazkiyah, etc etc. Each one having a solid philosophy behind and representing an aspect of human development. In this era we see the contemporary concept of Education has blanketed all other such concepts and generally the muslims have become quite unfamiliar and oblivious to the broader part of human personality development which these concepts represented and were focused upon.

The question is should we the Muslims continue to ride on the same band wagon, or need we to redefine education to serve our purpose of endeavoring to create such personality which could best serve our ambitions and endeavors of life? Of course which include both the phases of life: this and the next. For the next life is certainly reliant on our performance in this short life. All aspects of life including earning sustenance is included as obligatory in our Deen.

So when we redefine education, or the functions of education it has to reflect our requirements and not secular west’s. We have to first redefine education and then redesign education from our perspective. This education system is not designed to serve our perspective and most likely will make us fail both in this life as well as the next from Islamic perspective. This is a very serious issue which should not be neglected.

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Br. Abid