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Edunatural (8)– the Islamic way to educate children (Definition of education from Ummah’s perspective-3 – Implication of Abdiat [submission to God]).

10 Apr

(The below correspondence has been taken from a group mails, focused on redefining and redesigning education from Islamic/Natural perspective)

(from a brother)
Assalamualikum wrt wbt.

We won’t be ‘Educating’ our young ones if we make them do anything that goes against the concept or spirit of abdiat (submission to God). If we are not instilling this spirit in them, our ladders are definitely on the wrong walls.

I teach a few students here in Malaysia who go to a popular Islamic School. This school recently organized this Tarbiyyah (training) night where all boys spend the night in school learning about Islam and realities of life. It’s kinda like a Halal (religiously legal) boys hangout. From what I learned about it, its a really nice hangout where the teenagers have what we can call, Halal fun. The thing is, that though these programs might be a bit beneficial and teenagers get to learn a bit through them, they only show that all year round, there is no specific focus on such tarbiyyah (training)  which is why these Islamic schools tend to organize such a program once or twice a year to maintain the ‘Islamic’ part of their school’s name.

I’m not criticizing such events. Alhamdulillah, I have benefited from such events before as well. Its just that it shows our perception about religion and schooling and our young ones then tend to believe or be of the perception that together with schooling and this life, we have to take out some time for Islam as well. Whereas as Muslims, every single minute of our lives should in the spirit of abdiat (submission to God).

So as I believe. we can absolutely not use any methodology which is against the spirit of abdiat (submission to God).

(from a sister)
Assalam o Alaikum,

I agree with all the points from Br. Abid and I want to add something I have been thinking about. Almost all the educational fields, if thoroughly explored, to some point open our minds about Allah S.w.t ‘s creations and nature. For e.g. I recently read about where in Surah Baqarah (a chapter from Qur’an) Allah S.w.t gives an example of a mosquito and the creature above it. Science has now proved that there is indeed a creature over the wing of a mosquito, which cannot be seen from the naked eye. Allah s.w.t says He does not feel ashamed of giving an example of a mosquito or the creature above it. Hence, medical education can be easily related to Islam and Quran. When we read Architecture even though it is a purely dunyawi (mundane) field, we went through the history of Muslim empire, the Umayyads, the Otthoman empire etc in the subject History of Islamic Architecture. Their achievements and downfalls were discussed in class. While reading about Landscape design, we got to know about various types of plants and their characteristics, which made us come closer to nature itself.

What I want to say is that some subjects can be taught in such a way that they simultaneously increase our knowledge about deen (religious practice) and dunya (earthly life).


(My response)
Assalamu Alaikum sister,

Jazaki’Allah for a thought provoking email. I agree with you except that from the perception about Islam that I have developed I see dunya (munsane life) fully inside deen (way of life) in Islam. I feel if a proper perception is developed at a young age a child or person automatically see’s the Creator in everything that he acquires. Be it natural sciences or social sciences. Everything directs her/him towards the Creator and supports his taqwa (God consciousness) development.

By the way I see Islam as a wonderful and thoroughly rejoicing way of life.

Br. Abid.