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Edunatural (14)– the Islamic way to educate children (Every child is intelligent – a reminder)

29 Apr

Assalamu Alaikum,

When we talk of education, a very important aspect is to observe and recognize is a child’s intelligence. Some of the researches show that most of the intelligent toys that we provide to the children are below their intelligence level. So, instead of making the children more intelligent we make them less, or in other words retard their intelligence. There are various implications to this attitude of us grown-ups. The most important is our being held responsible before our Creator for how we destroyed the Creator given faculties which were meant to make him ashraf ul makhlooq (the best among the creations). Here we can also realize the impact of Ayah’s which declare the children as a fitna (test) for us.

Alhamdulillah I am a very keen observer of children’s intelligence, and am amazed at the depth of their thinking. This morning while having breakfast I took a little egg from my son’s dish and there came the protest from my 25 months old grandson. He reminded me that it was his baba’s. so then I had to explain to him is that whatever is his baba’s is mine also and whatever is mine is his baba’s also. Whatever is his sister’s is his also and whatever is his, is his sister’s also and so on and so forth for all the five people sitting around the table. His reaction was, ‘ can I have egg’. I asked whether he wanted to have more egg, he said no ‘your egg.’ And I passed it to him and he rejoiced same.

The thing to observe is that he could go beyond to the second stage thinking and wanted to experience if what I am claiming is true or not.

The same way a few days back he asked me where I was going and I told him to the masjid for namaz (salah). He reverted ‘dado has gone out (the car is not available)’.

Two days back he was standing with the little refrigerator’s freezer door open with the intention of removing a chocolate from there. These are intentionally kept by their mother with reefer door unlocked to teach them discipline and self control. Their normal ration is one chocolate a day. It was a bit early in the morning and he was alone awake and venturing independently as the parents were sleeping. I knew his intentions and gave a slanting look at the freezer. He held himself from removing the chocolate and asked me to leave the place. His words were, ‘abbu (calls me abbu) aap jao (you go from here), abbu aap joa’. and then said ‘abbu jao kam karo’ (father you go and do your job let me do mine). He finally closed the reefer door and moved on without removing.

Every child is intelligent and if we provide some opportunity and food for them to think and decide, it results in reinforcement of a lot of important personality traits required of Allah’s best of creations. However, if we neglect this use of mind in the proper bringing up of children we remain losers at all ends, and face ourselves with a very sure possibility of being held responsible for this great negligence and demolition of Creator’s gifted faculties.

Please observe what is happening at present? I see ourselves in totally reversing trends. We consider our children as our personal property and treat them as stupid beings, trying totally to dominate their developmental process. This mistake has been made by the west as well in their education system, which we are so much in awe of. Their trends have emanated from their wrong theories based on wrong assumptions about human beings. Normally the assumptions will decide the health of theories and the health of strategies drawn on those theories. This I call ‘going wrong from the roots’. So what happens is all the ingredients taken up by the roots for the development of the fruit too is wrong and cannot be otherwise. Can it be logically?

We have also to consider what fruits the west is vying for? Are they in anyway congruent to our aspirations as Muslims, or are they diametrically opposite?

Wake up please! We cannot afford this procrastination.

Br. Abid